Because we can, we are always embarking on new ideas to stimulate our clients. Our list of products is not meant to be exhastive or conclusive. Creativity should not be restricted by currently perceived boundaries. We sometimes combine various materials in ways that have not been tried before, sometimes we use our existing machinery for purposes that the manufacturer never thought of. From constant testing and experimenting we have concluded that a product list is a very limited and monologist way of thinking. Break free! If you prefer to stick with the mainstream we also would love to help, please browse through the standardised products below.

Display systems

Transportable & Effective

No matter what your message is, if you need to spread it wide we have the answer.

Print: Flexible

Various materials

Whatever the use, Storprint’s high quality prints will see the project finsihed.

Vehicle decoration

Starting from 499 kr

Your company vehicles are the most cost effective advertising you can do.