Acoustic Art

Printing the world

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It is now possible to have photos, graphics or artworks printed directly on a special acoustic plate without compromising the sound absorbing effect!
The perfect product for architecture that fails to consider the noisy inhabitants within.
Special printing technology ensures fantastic color fidelity and high level of detail. The finished high-quality product is both light and water resistant. The printing technique means that your image is printed directly onto the sound absorber, ensuring the sound is absorbed 100%.
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Acoustic art is an innovative ‘working’ product that blends in with a huge variety of interior design styles. Because of the infinite number of possible print designs, photos or illustrations, the finished product can compliment your surroundings while simultaneously making the environment a more calm and quieter habitat to work and play. [/tab]
Acoustic art can be tailored to almost any environment. From open-plan offices to meeting rooms, cafés, schools or large private living areas, the sound absorbing qualities of acoustic art should not be overlooked when it comes to solving acoustic problems.[/tab]
[tab] Standard sizes prints are 1200mm x 1200mm with specific sizes available on request.
Frames come in 3 colours; black, white and metallic.
Fire retardant property is rated at DS-1065-1 (Class A) for Danmark and A2-s1,d0 for greater Europe.