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Printing the world

Since it’s founding in 2005 Storprint has endeavored to assist clients with a wide range of visual projects irrelevant of their market knowledge, budget, schedules or job complexity. We work with some of Denmark’s foremost companies that deliver visual experiences to the world on a daily basis.

Time and time again we get our clients out of difficult situations. Although we can and do handle the heat we strongly advocate planning your projects so that even in busy times everyone knows their roles and customer expectations can be met.

Our underlying desire is to deliver above client’s expectations, this has ensured a loyal client base that return time again for their visual projects. Investment in state-of-the-art technology means that we are true market leaders and innovators in our respective fields.

Right technology is nothing without creativity and an ability to utilise all available resources to ensure that projects achieve their desired goal. We love what we do and like nothing better than satisfied and appreciative clients. Let us put a smile on your face.

Pride in our work and attention to detail ensures that we will do our utmost to see your project finished to your high standards.

Regardless of your firms size, history or competences we will take the time to find out what you do and how it can be done better.

Inside out or upside down? Which ever way you look at the world we’re sure a fresh set of eyes and ears will help make your new marketing strategy a roaring success.

Never say Never, Never say Die, Never underestimate what can be accomplished with the right attitude. We very rarely take No for an answer, because we believe behind every No there lies a Yes.

Time has taught us that one more question is always better than one less. If for whatever reason we are unsure of your meaning or are suspicious that communications have been fuddled you will hear from us. With so much at stake we prefer to be sure.



Scott Rooney


Scott has for many years been involved in the graphics branch. After education in design at the renowned Wellington Polytechnic Design School, New Zealand, Scott started a photographic studio and design service assisting corporate advertising agencies with their print media campaigns. Interest in marketing and strategic management lead Scott to the University of Waikato’s Management School, New Zealand where the beginnings of a double major were undertaken. These studies were completed with participation in the Copenhagen Business School’s IMM program in 2002.

While completing his thesis in strategic marketing the foundations for Storprint were laid. In building Storprint’s production capabilities and product offerings over the last few years Scott has had the opportunity to work with some of Scandinavia’s foremost companies. The future looks bright with new clients coming regulary from many segments within the design and architect markets. This fits totally within Storprint’s core philosophy of assisting creative and driven individuals achieve their visual goals.

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Head of Security & Debt Collection

Noosa has been handling general security and debt collection for the last 5 years at Storprint. She brings a wealth of experience to the job with a strong background in barking, posturing and ‘smelling the rat’. Never one to shy away from the big jobs (and dogs) Noosa’s tenacity to see the assets of Storprint rightfully protected ensures that the ‘wolf is kept from the door’ and the dinner bowl is never empty.

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